April 28, 2021

The Devil is in the detail at Castlethorpe Homes

Great meeting this week with Wienerberger UK to look at the brick and roof tiles for our next development.

Speaking with industry experts who understand their products and the needs of our customers is a great blend and means we are always evolving and providing the best homes for our customers. Some people will look items like bricks and roof tiles and not realise the effort that goes into selecting both the right product and the right look for a Castlethorpe Home. Our upcoming development in Bramley is no exception, creating a blend of a ‘farmhouse/barn style’ look but ensuring that the external elevations are in keeping with the other historic buildings in this location. New Homes don’t have to stand out negatively in a semi-rural location, they can seamlessly blend in but this takes an expert eye to select from literally 1000’s of different products to make sure that when our homes are finished, they look as good for our customers as possible. We don’t just think about the here and now, we think about the legacy that each home creates in that location for future generations.

Thank you to the team at Wienerberger UK for their time and effort, suggesting products that add to the aesthetics of our homes but also considering the buildability, reducing waste and considering the thermal and acoustic properties of our homes. Looking to reduce heat loss to make bills cheaper for our customers and also make our homes quieter when indoors has to be a consideration and with their expertise spanning 200 years, it is nice to know that we can use a big industry name in supplying products even for our bespoke regional projects.

Images courtesy of Wienerberger