Our Values

Where sustainable construction leaves a legacy that lasts…

Our three pillars define our ethos and the way we work:


Innovative thinking with careful attention to detail ensure our homes appeal to both the head and the heart. Quality starts with thorough, insightful design. How can we maximise the use of space and light? Is there a logical and functional flow? How will rooms really be used, occupied and ‘lived in’? This rigorous approach and scrutiny extends to every dimension: the quality of materials, the landscaping, the ‘kerb appeal’, the facilities – even the contractors we employ. By insisting on quality craftsmen, construction methods and aesthetics, we create the best possible outcomes.


The needs of the wider community are important for every potential development. We want our schemes not just to ‘fit’ into the local area, but to enhance it. We listen to locals keen to buy a new home and collaborate with the community to improve local services and facilities. We seek to invest in developments that will mature and thrive in the years to come, leaving a positive legacy for all to enjoy.


Every company has a duty to respect our natural resources, to minimise waste, and to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions. Our supply chain is carefully vetted to ensure the partners we work with share our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance values, and to work with us to help integrate the very latest innovations in sustainable techniques and materials. Choosing a Castlethorpe Home means choosing some of the most environmentally informed construction practices in the housebuilding industry.

If you’re looking for a new home, make sure it’s the right new home. Talk to us first.

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